Fish and chips is a hot dish, originating in England, consisting of fried fish in batter, served with chips.

Headed to Ocean City? Tempt your palate with these 6 local delicacies

Ocean City

Ocean City, New Jersey, is every child’s paradise as it houses the Gillian’s, Wonderland Pier. It is an amusement park by the sea and features exciting games and rides to try. Aside from this, the city also features a recreational park for nature lovers. It is called the Corson’s Inlet State Park, and visitors can try hiking and biking on their trails.

In Ocean City, you will find some delectable dishes that you just cannot miss! There are some mouth-watering dishes and tasty dishes like Maryland Crab Cakes, Pit Beef Sandwich, and Fudge and many more. Continue reading to know more.

1. Maryland Crab Cakes

Crab cakes is a type of fishcakes that are very popular in the United States. It is made up of crab meat and a variety of ingredients like bread crumbs, mayonnaise, and mustard (prepared or as a powder.), eggs, and seasonings. The cake is sauteed, baked (or grilled , deep fried or broiled.)

The most popular places to try out Maryland Crab Cakes are visiting and Oblix`.

2. Pit Beef Sandwich

Baltimore is known for many things, one of them being the pit beef sandwich. Vendors all over will sell this sandwich, which starts with a Kaiser roll, filled with hot beef that will be cut into thin slices, all with a nice sauce to complement the beef. It is a hearty sandwich to satisfy your hunger, whether at a sporting event or a casual dinner.

The most popular places to try out Pit Beef Sandwich are visiting and Beef Sandwiches in Ocean City.

3. Fudge

On the heels of an increased supply of white refined sugar in the late 1800’s, fudge found its niche between fancier candies and cheaper sweets. Sugar, butter, and milk are mixed and heated to a soft-ball stage at 240 F. It is beaten as it cools to incorporate air, removing any lumps and making for a soft texture. Fudge can be flavored with dried fruits, nuts, nut butters, chocolate, caramel, candies, and other flavors.

The most popular places to try out Fudge are Egmont Street Eatery, Christopher’s and Carousel Bakery.

4. Fish And Chips

Fish and chips is a common take-away food in the United Kingdom and numerous other countries, particularly in English-speaking and Commonwealth nations. Fish and chips first appeared in the UK in the 1860s, and by 1910, there were over 25,000 fish and chip shops across the UK. By the 1930s there were over 35,000 shops, but the trend reversed and by 2009 there were only approximately 10,000.

The most popular places to try out Fish And Chips are Best Beer and BATALOGIANNI.

5. Apple Cider Doughnuts

This sweet treat is popular in New Jersey where there are many apple cider orchards. Apple cider doughnuts are typically made using a reduction in order to intensify the flavor. They are available in several ways such as covered with powdered sugar or simply plain. This autumn favorite is also commonly dipped in cinnamon sugar and sometimes apple pie spices are included as well.

The most popular places to try out Apple Cider Doughnuts is Christopher’s.

6. Baltimorestyle Hot Dog

The Baltimore hot dog is not your ordinary hot dog. It’s a Kosher beef sausage fried with bologna slices until crisp and golden brown. The sausage is then wrapped in bologna and put into a split bread bun along with a pickle. Add some mustard on top and you have a hot dog unlike any you’re ever tasted. The hot dogs are available at delis throughout the city.

The most popular places to try out Baltimorestyle Hot Dog are Day Trips & Delights and Chacha Feeka Famous Lassi Peray Wali.

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