Here’s the list of penalties for the upcoming single ticketing traffic violation system

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has finally given motorists a clear idea of what fines under the upcoming single ticketing traffic violation system will look like.

In a recent Facebook post, the agency shared a list of common traffic violations that will be part of the single ticketing system. Each violation’s corresponding fine, based on the Metro Manila Traffic Code, is in the post as well.

You can check out the MMDA’s full list in the post embedded at the bottom of this story. We’re going to run down some of the more notable violations included in the agency’s announcement, though.


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Under the new system, illegal counterflow will carry a P1,000 and P5,000 fine for the first and second violations, respectively. Unauthorized modifications to a motor vehicle, meanwhile, will set you back P2,000. Speeding will carry a P1,000 penalty, while reckless driving will carry up to P2,000 and require the violator to attend a seminar. Finally, being caught violating Metro Manila’s number coding scheme will cost you P500.

Also released by the agency is a list of penalties under the new system that covers “special laws.” These include failure to use a child restraint system, which can cost a violator up to P5,000 for the third offense. Also included in this list is failure to wear a motorbike helmet which will carry a whopping P10,000 fine for anything past a third offense. Yikes.

So, do you agree with what violations are set to be included in the new single ticketing system? Let us know how you feel about the fines in the comments section.

Single ticketing system violations and fines

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