Kris Aquino gains more confidence saying she has a strong chance of getting better

Kris Aquino gains more confidence saying she has a strong chance of getting better

Television host, actress, producer, and socialite Kris Aquino shared on her social media platforms that she gained more confidence after meeting her doctor.

On February 2, via Instagram, Aquino posted clips of her medical checkup.

Aquino feels she made the right choice in choosing her doctor because he has given her, who has been suffering from various autoimmune conditions, the most critical component she needed: fresh HOPE in the potential of getting better.

The actress shared, “Yung lumipad ka for just 4 nights, timing your trip so you’ll be here on the day I had my 1st checkup… Thank you for the GENUINE LOVE & EXTREME EFFORT. Super appreciated ko that you never fail to mention that I was one of the people who helped open the door for you — pero dapat malaman ng lahat you won’t be who you are NOW kung hindi ka creative, super sipag, always pleasant, still humble, kusang matulungin, concerned sa welfare ng employees mo and mapagmahal sa pamilya.”

On May 16, Aquino revealed how critical her present health condition was.

“Kayo na lang please ang mag research- 3 ang confirmed autoimmune conditions ko: chronic spontaneous urticaria, autoimmune thyroiditis, and definitively confirmed after my 3rd skin biopsy was read by a pathologist here & in the US – meron po akong vasculitis, to be very specific – late stage 3 of Churg-Strauss Syndrome now also known as EGPA,” she posted.

As she was battling her autoimmune disease, Aquino was thankful for prayers from friends and supporters.

Kris Aquino told her friend, writer-editor Dindo Balares, “The loyalty & genuine love of people like you and the prayers, generosity, and kindness of people I’ve never even met- super blessed na ‘ko.”

Now, Aquino is more optimistic than she was at the beginning of her medication.

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