Filipinos Rank First in the World When it Comes to Watching Vlogs and Following Influencers

( Filipinos are notorious for prolonged Internet and social media use, a fact that continues to be reaffirmed with the release of Meltwater and We Are Social’s newest 2023 Global Digital Report.

According to the report, the Philippines ranks the third country with the most daily time spent using the Internet at 9 minutes and 14 seconds. But what are Filipinos up to online, anyways?

It turns out more than half of Filipino Internet users watch vlogs every week at 55.6%—a long haul from second placer Indonesia at 33.3% and third placer Taiwan at 33.2%. 

Behind these vlogs are usually influencers, so it comes as no surprise that the Philippines ranks first in the number of global Internet users who follow influencers on social media at 46%.

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Internet use goes beyond influencers

Aside from keeping up with the Donnalyns, nearly all of Filipino Internet users stream TV content at 97.9%, play video games at 95%, and watch online videos as learning sources at 64%. Mobile phones continue to be the Filipinos’ preferred way of accessing the web, which is thanks to the Philippines having one of the cheapest mobile data in the Southeast Asian region as revealed in’s 2020 study.

The Philippines is also part of the top five in the world for other categories like streaming music and owning cryptocurrency.

However reliant the Philippines is on the Internet, the opposite is the case when it comes to internet speed. The Philippines has the 10th slowest Internet connection on mobile at 24.04 mbps, way below the global average of 33.97 mbps.

Even worse is the lack of concern Filipino Internet users have with regard to online misinformation, with only 55.6% of them wary of what they read on the internet. If that’s not bad enough, the digital report also found that almost half of Filipinos look to social media as a source for news.

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