Alex Gonzaga’s sarcastic jab about dad’s frosting-less birthday cake earns ire

Alex Gonzaga’s sarcastic jab about dad’s frosting-less birthday cake earns ire

After pissing off netizens for smearing cake frosting on a server’s face during her 35th birthday celebration with friends — and issuing a public apology days after — Alex Gonzaga seems to have made fun of her viral moment online, this time in a birthday post dedicated to her father.

Featuring a cake without frosting in an Instagram carousel post, the celeb wrote:

“Happy birthday daddy! Love you always! Sorry that I can only give you [bread] for your birthday for now. Try to avoid [cake] for now, mahirap na (as we could get in trouble).”

Alex Gonzaga drew flak on social media after a 12-second video of her blowing out the candles on her birthday cake — and proceeding to smear the frosting on a server’s face — went viral.

The comedy host and social media star was reportedly celebrating her 35th birthday with friends, mostly fellow celebrities, in Makati City. An Instagram story was posted showing a server holding a chocolate cake in front of Alex, who was with her husband.

Alex then proceeded to dip one hand into the chocolate frosting before smearing it on the server’s face.

Although Alex has confirmed previously that she and the server in the video have made amends, this did not amuse netizens who questioned whether she had really learned her lesson.

“How tactless,” one said.

“It’s your attitude that’s the problem, not the icing,” another wrote.

“Sarcastic and corny. Obviously she didn’t learn from the incident,” one said.

In her public apology, the celebrity also apologized to her family for causing them “pain and embarrassment.”

“To my family, I am sorry for causing you pain and embarrassment. I will rise from this a wiser and better person.”

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