Jessy Mendiola posted Instagram stories on February 8, 2023 asking for help to take down vlogs spreading fake news about her daughter. PHOTO BY INSTAGRAM /JESSYMENDIOLA

Jessy Mendiola Fights Back Against Fake News That Daughter Has A Cleft Lip

We don’t know why such content exists but based on Jessy Mendiola’s recent Instagram story posts on February 8, 2023, someone has created vlogs claiming her daughter has a cleft lip. It insinuates that this is the reason Jessy and husband Luis Manzano did not share with the public their firstborn daughter Rosie’s face right after birth.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: celebrities don’t owe it to the public to show their kids’ faces just because we’re interested. The three vlogs posted by YouTube accounts Showbiz Alert PH and Celebrity Pinas were posted three weeks ago and 13 days ago, before the Manzanos revealed their daughter’s face to the public. But the videos have not been taken down by its channel owners. We get it though, you’re not after the truth. Just the video views.

A few days later, both accounts created videos on Baby Rosie’s face reveal. 

Despite having a number of presumably fake news videos on Luis Manzano, herself, and her parents in law on both YouTube channels, Jessy only asks for help from the public on those that are spreading lies about her daughter. “Please help us take down this video/account by clicking the link and report as harrassment or child abuse” she captions her stories.

Her last story from the set reads, “It’s never okay to post fake news. It’s never okay to spread negativity about having a cleft palate/lip. Respetuhin sana natin yung totoong may ganito.”

While she understandably asks for help to quash fake news about her daughter, Jessy also realizes that these videos are offensive to people with cleft lips. It paints the condition in a negative light as if it is something to be ashamed of because it asserts that this is the reason why Baby Rosie’s face was not shared to the public at birth.

Creating fake news is problematic, but to create fake news about an innocent baby while shaming people with a cleft lip for the sake of video views? That’s far more vile than what these videos are painting the congenital abnormality to be.

If you want to help Jessy Mendiola and Luis Manzano to report these vlogs, visit her Instagram stories now.

Here’s another celebrity mom who made a stand that her child’s congenital condition is not one to be pitied.

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