NEW: These Yema And Ube Cake Cost Less Than P100 Only

NEW: These Yema And Ube Cake Cost Less Than P100 Only

You’re missing out if you haven’t tried 7-Eleven’s cake slices! It checks all the boxes: delicious, affordable, and accessible. The Chocolate cake wedge and the Red Velvet cake wedge were so delicious that we included them in our 7 Underrated Desserts You Can Find At 7-Eleven list. 

The convenience store’s cake selection has since expanded with the launch of the Strawberry Shortcake which was added during the love month last 2022. After one year, the love month again sees not one but two NEW cake wedges highlighting well-loved Pinoy flavors: Ube Macapuno and Yema.

7-Eleven’s Ube Macapuno and Yema cake wedges, just like their sibling flavors, are straightforward, with no frills and no fuss. The Ube Macapuno Cake has purple ube chiffon cake layers with sweet cream in between and with macapuno bits as the topping while the Yema cake has that sweet yema filling covering the chiffon and then is topped with grated cheese. Best of all, prices start at only P69! 

7-Eleven’s Ube Macapuno Cake and Yema Cake are available in select 7-Eleven stores in Luzon. 


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