Meitantei Conan Short Sleeve UT (P790). PHOTO BY Uniqlo

Uniqlo Is Dropping Detective Conan Shirts Real Soon

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( As our favorite high school detective-turned-child Edogawa Conan, a.k.a. Kudo Shinichi says, “There is always one truth!”—and for most of us, that truth is we absolutely love watching him solve cases , albeit indirectly, in the classic and legendary detective anime series Detective Conan when we were kids. Remember how you used to catch an episode or two before or after school? Did you aspire to become a detective like him? It’s safe to say that it made up a good bit of your childhood. We don’t blame you if even now, Detective Conan still lives in your heart—and next, in your shirts when you get your hands on the upcoming Detective Conan UT Collection from Uniqlo.

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Love Detective Conan? Keep an eye out for this cool Uniqlo UT collection.

We can totally see you wearing these tees when you want to binge-watch the series and movies. In the collection we spotted, of course, our protagonist Kudo Shinichi, or his silhouette rather, with his famous glasses and red bow-tie plus blue shirt combo; Kaitou Kid‘s famous line and his trademark as the Phantom Thief Kid; Ai Haibara and Conan. That one scene in particular; Bourbon and Silver Bullet, too, made an appearance, among other Detective Conan-themed designs you’ll want to cop. 

Check out the shirts below:

The shirts are priced at P790 and will be available mid-April, according to Uniqlo’s website. So keep your eyes peeled for when it becomes available.

For more information, check out Uniqlo Philippines’ Facebook page.

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