People shocked to learn they have been spreading butter wrong their whole life

People shocked to learn they have been spreading butter wrong their whole life

While on holiday or even eating out on the weekend with friends, having breakfast or brunch is one of the most popular activities for many of us. Although there are many delectable items to choose from, good bread and butter remains one of the most essential parts of breakfast for many.

Butter served by hotels and restaurants usually come in single-serve packaging. While most of us might be unwrapping the whole packet to get to our butter, a video on the Internet has gone completely viral for showing people that we might have been using single-serve butter cube wrong our whole life.

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Reel shows people the actual way to butter bread

A reel with a butter hack shared by Instagram creator @the_yukistar has now been viewed over 2 million times, as people are shocked by how she manages to spread her butter on bread.

The reel shows the creator pick up a cube of butter served in a restaurant. Instead of opening up the foil cover of the butter from the edges as one usually does, she proceeds to pierce the pack of butter in the middle, with her fork.

Then she holds the butter on the sides and squeezes such that the pressure falls on the perforations she made on the packet with her fork. The result is that the butter comes out of the pack in thin strings looking almost like spaghetti or string cheese, while falling easily over the bread.

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Reactions to this way of spreading butter

With the video becoming so popular, it has also attracted a variety of comments from viewers.

One comment pointed out that the technique might be difficult to implement in all cases since the temperature of the butter would determine how it comes out of the packet. The comment read,

That only works if they don’t bring one that’s still frozen solid yet

One person joked,

Butter Spaghetti. I would directly squeeze that in my mouth

Another excited comment read,

Omg thank you so much for this video I love those bread rolls and the butter at hotels! I’ll be doing this everytime now

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Instagram: @the_yukistar

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