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Transport Service Apps to Try Apart From Grab, Angkas, and Lalamove

( There’s a clear monopoly when it comes to transportation network companies, with each having its own field of service. Need a car? You book a Grab. Need a motorcycle? You book an Angkas. You need to have a package delivered? You book a Lalamove. You might be wondering: Is there more out there for Filipinos? 

Given the recent surge in demand, everyone is left to tolerate longer waiting times and bad customer experiences. But it doesn’t have to be like this. In fact, there are lesser-known transport alternatives that work as just well, if not better, than Grab, Angkas, and Lalamove. The Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) has recently released a list of accredited and active transportation network companies (TNC) and services (TNVS), which include toktok, JoyRide, ePickMeUp, OWTO, and Hirna.

You can find all of these mobile applications on the iOS App Store or Google Playstore. However, do take note that some of these mobile applications might be unavailable or highly limited in use due to its small-scale enterprise.

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List of LTFRB-accredited TNC and TNVS 


“From 2 wheels to 4 wheels, we deliver!” 

Located in Metro Manila, toktok is the most versatile on this list, combining several features of Grab, Angkas, and Lalamove in one. The company was established at the height of the pandemic, helping shoulder the burden of the increased demand of delivery goods and services. By September 2021, toktok hit one million downloads.

toktok offers the following services with its 100+ merchants and 1,000 operators: 

  • toktokdelivery
  • toktokpabili
  • toktokmall
  • toktokmallet
  • toktokfood
  • toktokgo
  • toktokload
  • toktokbills

The services are pretty self-explanatory, but it just goes to show how complete this app is. It might be the newest car service available in the market, but it won’t come as a surprise if it ends up scaling to the same level of Grab very soon.

toktok was granted TNC accreditation by the LTFRB in 2022.

For more information, visit the toktok website.


Most might know JoyRide as a motorcycle taxi, but did you know the company also offers private car services like Grab? 

You can be sure to secure a booking here as JoyRide has over 20,000 driver-partners with vehicles ranging from motorcycles, cars, vans, and trucks. Those who wish to bring JoyRide in their hometown can opt to franchise with the company as well. Below are JoyRide’s many services: 

  • MC Taxi
  • Car
  • Delivery
  • Pabili
  • Taxicle
  • JR Mall
  • Happy Move
  • Buy Load

What’s special about JoyRide is that it also has a Taxicle service, which is basically a tricycle offering that no other TNVS has. In addition, its acquisition of Happy Move in 2021 has placed the feature on the same JoyRide app. Happy Move is a multi-vehicle courier delivery service that offers one way, round trip, or multi-stop for retail or bulk orders. 

Beyond Manila, JoyRide is also operating in Rizal, Cavite, Bulacan, Laguna, Cebu, and Baguio. JoyRide was granted TNC accreditation by the LTFRB in 2022.

For more information, visit the JoyRide website.

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“Being local means it is more sensitive to the needs of both the partners and the riding public. After all, only a Filipino can understand a Filipino. Now. Move over Grab and Uber.”

If you’re big on ethical services, then OWTO is the app for you. It has empowered its riders with an appropriate take-home pay, 15% commission, and accident insurance for worst case scenarios. On the passenger’s end, the app promises a fare system that is “fair and balanced with other TNCs,” along with the help of promo codes that they post on Facebook. OWTO also honors additional discounts to persons with disability (PWD) with IDs.

Unlike other apps on this list, OWTO primarily focuses on ride-hailing services. You can select from the following vehicles to book: hatchbacks, sedans, subcompacts, and sports utility vehicles. OWTO also provides a safer commute, with the driver required to keep his mobile phone’s front or back camera on at all times—at least that’s what James Deakin reported in 2018.

OWTO is currently operating in Metro Manila, Caloocan City, Malabon City, Navotas, Valenzuela City (CAMANAVA), as well as selected parts of Rizal, Cavite, and Bulacan. The company was first granted TNC accreditation by the LTFRB in 2018.

For more information, visit the OWTO website.


This one might be a handful to say, but the app itself is just as loaded. From delivering flowers to repairing broken taps, ePickMeUp boasts 60 on-demand services in a single app.

It also has a “book later” feature for those who are too busy to schedule pickups in real time. Aside from that, ePickMeUp also offers the following services:

  • Taxi Booking
  • Parcel Delivery
  • Pabili
  • Motor Booking
  • Food Delivery
  • Car Rental

ePickMeUp was first granted TNC accreditation by the LTFRB in 2018.

For more information, visit the ePickMeUp website.

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Before Gojo, there was Hirna.

Developed by Dabawenyos for Dabawenyos, Hirna was originally founded in 2017 to cater to Davao, the biggest city in terms of land area. The app promises no booking fee and no surge pricing for its services. In fact, you don’t even need to have the app to book rides as Hirna also offers a 24/7 booking hotline. 

However, Hirna has since disappeared from the app stores and shifted its focus to establishing and testing a newer brand, Gojo, which is now available for download. Like Hirna, Gojo also offers transport services, parcel delivery, food and mart, but it sets itself apart with its intercity ride feature that most ride-hailing apps don’t have.

Besides Davao, Gojo is also operating in Iloilo City, Bacolod, and Butuan. The company was first granted TNC accreditation by the LTFRB in 2018.

For more information, visit the Hirna website and Gojo website.

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