Pass Sa Flowers: Automatic Washing Machine, Dishwasher, And Other Gifts Your Wife Will Surely Love

This love month, we are sharing this list of smart appliances that Smart Parenting Village moms say help make their lives easier. We are not asking you to buy it for us, but we want to give you an idea of what material things help us in our day-to-day grind as moms and wives.

As one mom said, “Ay bet ko to! Instead na regaluhan ng flowers and chocolates mga magagamit nalang sa bahay.”

Yes, these might be above your budget, but we are very much willing to wait. Thank us later. 

Moms at the Smart Parenting Village, our Facebook community of over 90k real parents, are filing this under “Listahan ng bibilhin mo sa akin sa Valentine’s yearly.”

6 Smart Appliances You Can Buy For Your Wife Instead Of Flowers

1. Maximus MAX-003 Tabletop Dishwasher (P22,999)

Two years ago, my husband chose to give me this dishwasher instead of flowers, and it remains to be the best Valentine’s gift yet. Flowers wilt and die, but his trusty gift still helps me to stay sane as a work-from-home mom with a toddler in our yaya-less home. 

It comes with a bottle of rinse aid and detergent tablets too! So sulit!

Buy it on Shopee here or on Lazada here.

 2. Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 Multi-functional Smart Pressure Cooker (P7,195)

Mommy Chriszy swears by this instant pot that helps her save time in cooking, especially cooking meat that sometimes take an hour to become tender. Truly a lifesaver.

Buy it on Shopee here or on Lazada here. 

3. TUYA Smart Door Lock (starts at P850)

Mommy Dan shared this smart door lock that would give all of us peace of mind. “Ito naman samin, makakalimutin kasi kami sa susi so the solution is the smart lock. Big help talaga, in a year, once palang napalitan ng battery. May app din sya for Apple and Android.”

Buy it on Shopee here or on Lazada here.

4. Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop 2 Lite (P8,539)

If you give this robot vacuum to your wife and tell her that she doesn’t have to sweep the floor and mop every day, she will love you forever. 

Buy it on Shopee here or on Lazada here.

5. LG Washing Machine AIDD Front Load Combo Washer And Dryer (P63,895.50)

An automatic washing machine (AWM) tops the list of the most helpful smart appliances according to Smart Parenting Village moms. Mommy KC said an AWM helps her a lot, “Hindi na sasakit likod mo at maraming time sa makulit na toddler.”

One mom wished, “Pero sana paglabas nakatupi na din.”

This LG front load combo washer and dryer might be the closest to that! After a 4-hour cycle of about 30 pieces of clothes in Turbo Dry setting, all we have to do is fold the clean clothes. Yes, no need to sampay! 

Buy it on Shopee here or on Lazada here.

6. Kaisa Villa Air Fryer 4.5L 

To Mommy Kat, an air fryer is definitely a good buy. For starters, the device cooks food by circulating hot air inside its compartment. It’s a popular alternative to conventional pan frying as it requires less oil. “Laking tulong sa mga full-time moms na malayo ang asawa dahil sa nature ng work,” she said. 

Buy it on Shopee here or on Lazada here.

And if you’ve read until here, in the words of Mommy Alenn, “It’s a sign.”

Join the conversation at the Smart Parenting Village, our Facebook community for moms and dads.

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