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Spotted on Lazada: This 4-in-1 Frying Pan Lets You Cook More Food for Less

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( Raise your hands if you hate doing the dishes. Okay, maybe hate is a strong word. Let’s try that again, shall we? Raise your hands if you would do whatever it takes to avoid the chore especially if there’s just one too many pans to clean after scarfing down that delicious meal you’ve prepared. If only there was a way to cook multiple food items at the same but not wash a ton of pans after, you know? Oh wait, there is. Carote has a multipurpose frying pan and you can easily cop it from Lazada.

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Cook multiple food items in one go with this frying pan from Lazada.

How do you like your eggs? Fried? Scrambled? As an omelet? How about sunny side up? Why not cook all of them in the four holes of this non-stick, multipurpose frying pan from Carote? You can also fry up some of your other faves as well like hotdogs or bacon. Yup, no need to grab multiple pans just for cooking one meal. Sounds like a dream right since you’re no longer going to get stuck at the sink for a long period of time just washing everything. 

The pan comes in a minimalist marble finish and wooden handle, so you’ll know it’ll look great in your aesthetic kitchen. Form and function, indeed. It’s also a great item for when you’ve just moved into your own space and are in the process of completing your essential appliances list. The pan is currently on sale at P449.78 from P1,399 which is suitable for all stove types—yes, induction cooker included—while the gas stove version currently retails for P399 instead of P999.

Check out the pan below:

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