Tricia Gosingtian Reveals the Luxury Pieces She Doesn’t Regret Splurging On

“I consider myself a very personal shopper,” Tricia Gosingtian opens up in this special episode of Designer Favorites. While practicality dictates that she can’t accumulate so much stuff (she lives in a condo that has limited space), it’s actually her personal philosophy that guides the tight curation of her belongings. “I attach a lot of memories to the things that I have,” she explains, “And if they don’t really have any special memories attached to them or any-it doesn’t invoke a certain feeling, I pass on it.”

Needless to say, the stylish mom, OG blogger, and Best Dressed List 2021 honoree’s favorite luxury investments are as meaningful as they are pretty. A treasure trove of milestone memorabilia and heart-warming memories, it truly is a priceless collection that celebrates Tricia’s journey from the “very simple girl” to the chic well-balanced woman she is today. Press play and see for yourself!

WATCH: Tricia Gosingtian Shares Her Designer Favorites

1. Celine Medium Classic Bag

For someone who grew up admiring Phoebe Philo‘s clean lines and chic minimalist aesthetic, the Celine Classic Bag is a quintessential must-have. “It took me a while to buy it because I felt like, at first, I didn’t deserve it,” Tricia confesses. The stars ultimately aligned though as, “when I felt like I finally reached a point where I did deserve it, this one just happened to pop up in the nearest Celine store.”

Medium Classic Bag in Box Calfskin – Camel, P245,000, CELINE,

2. Loewe Puzzle Bag

Another case of the “meant-to-be,” Tricia’s most recent purchase almost didn’t happen. She shares that she went to a Loewe store for the Basket Bag but was ultimately called by the bag she felt she wasn’t ready for prior. “Even if I could buy it already, I felt like I still needed to be more mature or like be older to rock this kind of style,” she says.

Small Puzzle Bag in Soft Grained Calfskin – Sand, P190,300, LOEWE,

3. Leica Q Camera

A photographer through and through, Tricia counts her Leica Q as one of her most prized possessions. Not only does it take good photos, she finds it easy to use and highly dependable for content, travel, and the everyday.

4. Alexandre Birman Clarita Sandals

Simple, dainty, and timeless, Tricia’s wedding shoes are the epitome of her personal style and we are totally enamored. The bow detail gives it just the right amount of sass without being too loud or overwhelming.

Clarita 100 Sandals – White, P35,900, ALEXANDRE BIRMAN,

5. N°1 DE CHANEL Skincare Line

Tricia values sustainability and this skincare line from Chanel not only delivers in that front, but is super suitable to her skin, too! “I’ve never had any skin problems or like major breakouts or anything ever since I started using them,” she raves.

N°1 DE CHANEL Revitalising Serum 30ml, P7300, CHANEL,; N°1 DE CHANEL Revitalising Eye Cream, P4600, CHANEL,; N°1 DE CHANEL Revitalising Cream, P6600, CHANEL,; N°1 DE CHANEL Revitalising Lotion, P4100, CHANEL,

Bonus: Maison Margiela Replica Perfume

Ever wondered what Tricia’s favorite fragrance is? Look no further. A top choice among influencers and celebrities, the fashionista has a special reason aside from favoring the comforting soft linen scent. “When I was younger, I have very vivid memories of my mom putting perfume on,” she shares. “And for some reason like when I sprayed this on myself, it reminded me of that.”

Replica Lazy Sunday Morning Eau de Toilette 100mL, P8650, MAISON MARGIELA, Rustan’s

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